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Amazing entrepreneurial company

  1. Dec 4, 2010 #1
    I'm in High School, my sophomore to junior summer I had interned at an amazing entrepreneurial company. That had the same interests as me, it was a fun time all around. They have asked me back for next summer, I'm about 97% sure I'm going to say yes. But before I do I want to see if there is anything else I could look at.

    I turn 18 near the end of june so I was thinking of maybe interning at a car dealership and learning about the sales world. I can't really think of many other interesting things I could do(I know there must be a bunch.) I have interests in psychology and mechanical/electrical engineering. Those branch of into robots, cameras, locks, sales, electronics, watches, lasers, planes(I'm currently a student pilot), economy/investing and working in a shop.

    Oh I also started a blog gideongupta.blogspot.com Just to give something else a try, its been about my opinion on new items. I'm about to add a blog post about macgyver.

    I realize I'm asking a lot so any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Lastly for anyone that cares I have read Atlas Shrugged.
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    Re: Internship

    I am having difficulty telling if you are serious or not. If you want a professional-type job (psychologist, engineer, etc) this is more than likely going to be a complete waste of time. Do something relevant to the field you want to study.
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    Re: Internship

    I was looking at interning at a dealership from a psychological view. Psychology being the study of the human mind and its functions, so in this scenario. Well let me give you an example I read a study saying that the more time a person touches something the higher chance they will get it. Why because the brain becomes more comfortable with that object and doesn't want to change/relearn anything else.

    My field of interest is very broad, so I really want to try out everything I can now. And I am serious about the work I do, and where I spend my time. I try hard everyday to not waste a moment of time
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    Re: Internship

    ditch the car dealership, you could make it work for psych if you twisted it but you would be better off volunteering at an ESL program(cultural sensitivity pads the app nicely) Since your not sure where your interests are, focus on becoming involved with leadership. It goes into all degrees. See if the city has any internships, something managerial or such. If not try tutoring or working at a sumer program. Also see if a college nearby has clubs that you can join. Some limit to current students others are open to community members. Being a club officer of say the robotics club at a college while in highschool or as a freshmen does have some weight.

    I was a club president, which led to a 3 week internship which led to a summer job making almost 40/hr after 1 year of college.If you have a focus, get a job that is simaliar, if not, get one that is vague but impressive. plenty of places have summer research positions available, it doesn't matter if your researching the average obestity level of people who walk in the building (that would apply to health, mech engr, civil engr, design..etc) the point is your researching which means you know how to, and you can work as part of a team, through a decent gpa on and you have a fellowship
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    Re: Internship

    Thanks for the advice, I'm really going to look into a leadership role. I realize I said psychology in the start but I also have a lot more interest in engineering. I also talked to a near by owner of a shop and he said that he would love to take me in for the summer.
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