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Ambiguous questions

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    I need to answer some questions about percentage "throughput" for link-layer protocols. I can calculate what percentage of bytes are devoted to the packet and what percentage are devoted to the link-layer protocol, but then there is a problem. One part of the question asks "what is the worst-case throughput (using this link-layer protocol) for a TCP packet of 40 bytes or more?" Now do I count only the TCP Data field (ignoring the TCP header) or do I count all TCP information as "throughput"? If it's the latter then why does it specifically mention TCP in this part of the question when it does not do so elsewhere?
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    What are the units of the answer? Packets per second or (data) bytes per second?
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    The answer demanded was a percentage throughput of maximum. Given the context of the question this would be on a per-byte basis. Though I've already turned that assignment in.
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