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In summary, my friend was interested in this babe at the bar, but the dork walked over and they started smooching. My friend was not interested and went to bed.f
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Can someone recommend me? I want to know more about America.
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This pal of mine got bombed and nearly went bonkers a couple of nights ago. We decided to tool around for awhile and then make a pit stop at some joint and pig out on some beer nuts and deep-fried ’shrooms. The dude at the door thought we were both plastered and jerked us around a little. I didn’t get huffy and go bananas, but explained that only one of us had a buzz on and we only swung by to get some grub. He said; no sweat and gave us a pass.
Once inside we saw this knockout at the bar and my friend really flipped out. This babe was dynamite and built like a brick outhouse. Then some dork walked over to her and they started smooching. It was enough to make you puke, but then we noticed she was knocked up and didn’t feel as bummed out. If she hadn’t had a bun in the oven my friend would have tried to get her to ditch that sleaze ball and leave with us. In that case my friend might have ended up eating a knuckle sandwich instead of the ’shrooms because that dude was a moose and didn’t look like someone to mess with. So we wolfed down our chow and went back to the pad to catch some Z’s.
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Originally posted by BoulderHead
and pig out on some beer nuts and deep-fried ’shrooms.

I am loathe to make the correction, but 'shrooms are not the kind of thing that one would deep fry.

They are another thing altogether.

Not that I would know first hand, mind you.
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don't forget quality jargonisms like:

Back off ma heezy fo' sheezy!
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Ha, that slanguage thing is odd. I looked at the places I've lived, and about one third are actual local slang, another third bad plays-on-words, and the last just totally random. They missed the best ones for LA, too, which are the region names that sound like they came from a fantasy novel... I was always waiting to hear on the news that the Southland had declared war on the Inland Empire or something. :D
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I hope I didn't do too poor a job...

'cause I'm not actually an American.

I've always thought language is a lot of fun to play with.
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Not bad, though I've never heard 'moose' or 'bun in the oven,' and a couple of the others are not in common use. And yeah, "shrooms" are the kind of thing you would 'trip balls' on, not 'pig out' on... :)
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I believe I've witnessed some people "pigging out" on "shrooms" before they "tripped balls". But my memory might be fuzzy. :wink:

FYI: I'm not sure, but I believe that "bun in the oven" originated in England, though I still hear it ocassionaly here in the U.S. I haven't heard of "Moose" either, but pretty good work BH.

I'm sometimes intrigued by the difference between American English and English English, both normal usage and slang.
For example: I "wet my whistle" at the "bubbler", but then had to visit the "watercloset".
You'd almost never hear that in the U.S.A. except the "wet my whistle" part.

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