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Programs American undergrad to UK PhD

  1. Jul 14, 2012 #1
    What does an American undergraduate student have to do to get into a physics PhD program in the UK at a school like Cambridge, Oxford, etc.? I've checked their admissions sites, but they are very vague about what constitutes a competitive application. It seems that taking graduate level courses is important. What else? How much research experience is expected? Anything else?
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    Bare minimum to be considered is:

    Cambridge and Imperial - 4 years of undergraduate study or 3+masters.
    Oxford and everywhere else, 3 years of undergraduate study.

    I had 2 research summer placements and 3 good referees, which got me an interview at Oxford. At least one Summer placement should suffice. The statement is the most important part (where you explain why you want to study there).

    Funding may be an issue if you are not an EU resident.
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    On the assumption that they are more competitive than our top universities, just open up a new tab of applications that got rejected or accepted to top-tier universities in our country and aim at least to match the accepted recipient's achievements at said universities. collegeconfidential.com is a great website for that.

    Even if it isn't more competitive than our top universities, you will still be around the ball-park and get a feel for what your application needs.
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    Does anyone have experience/information on how easy/hard it is for a non-EU person to get funding for a UK PhD program (mainly looking at Cambridge, Imperial and Oxford)?
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    Check their websites. They list the projects available and state which ones are funded and which ones aren't. The funded ones are very competitive, so expect to be up against the best and brightest students in the world.

    a good site (not comprehensive, again the best info is on the university website) is findaphd.com. clearly states what funding is available where for UK universities

    Also, there are other universities in the UK. Just saying.
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