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And i saw a big red glowing ball.

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    Two nights ago i was driving home in Lockport New York "8-14-2010"...It was around 2.00am
    And i saw a big red glowing ball...It was visible for like 20 to 40 seconds....Then there was a curve in the road...And a bunch of trees obstructed my view of it...When the trees stopped i was hoping to see it again...But no such luck...It looked like it was about the size of the moon......I't didn't seem to be moving....Someone said it might have been a supernova...But i doubt that!!......Could it of had something to do with the meteor shower the previous night.....

    Thanks in advance for any explanation Jim,
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    Re: Explanation

    most likely, it was a meteor... or Luke Skywalker was landing thinking this was Degoba :surprised
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    Re: Explanation

    If it was the size of the moon and not moving I would classify that as a UFO. If indeed it had been a supernova astronomers would have told us by now. Furthermore a supernova that would cause such a large phenomenon in earth's sky would definitely be detrimental to life on earth. Meteor showers consist of small fast moving objects which don't produce a circular solid stationary light you describe. So UFO is the best category.

    A UFO I saw in Miami at close range was 100 times weirder. So you were lucky.
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    Re: Explanation

    Welcome to Physics Forum! You may have seen Ball Lightning. Google it and also check Wikipedia for great overviews of this natural (and so far, unexplained) wonder!
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