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Homework Help: Anemometer-generator question

  1. Jan 13, 2005 #1
    New to the forum :smile: .
    Secondly, I'm in grade 11 physics and we have this project to build an anemometer...

    Alright, I have many ideas which may work but don't quite know how to incorporate physics into it...

    Well, first off, we don't have a huge budget (below 30 bucks maybe?)...
    So the best our class could do would be a cup anemometer...yea simple but I was thinking I turn it into a generator (magnets, wires and so forth) so as it spins EMF/current is induced which is logged.

    Now, the problem I'm having now is that how do I relate wind velocity with the voltage(EMF) and current that is produced by the anemometer-generator.

    Are they directly proportional? Should I take into account "back-EMF" - higher wind speed means greater EMF but also greater back EMF...

    Any information would be helpful!

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    I thought that maybe you could use a cheap bicycle speedometer to read off the RPMs. Googling for a price for one of these, I came upon this site (it's the secong hit when you google with "bicycle speedometer $") :


    Oops, almost forgot : Welcome to the forums !! :smile:
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