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Animal abuse

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    While surfing web I have stumbled on a few video clips showing animal abuse, one was showing racoon type animal being skinned alive ,and the other was about snakes skinned alive too.
    My question is: do those people think that meat of this animal is more tasty and "medicinal"? WTF ?? :frown:
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    Well,that's a weird towards abnormal behavior by you.What were you doing "stumbling" on such stuff...?:wink:

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    :yuck: viewing photos of abuse either human or animal ..just makes me sick.
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    Hypatia,then why do you do it?

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    I don't, but its hard to avoid. Your watching movie on TV when BAM...child {view of child wraped in blanket not moving}is burned by father...updates at 10 o'colck.
    Animal planet..my favorit show Thats my Baby...cute newborn babies....BLAM...Puppy used as bait for pit bull{shows puppy ripped to shreds}...watch animal ER tonight!
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    I've been trying to figure out why they skin the animals alive for their fur and so far all I have found is that apearantly when you kill a dog it's fur immediately begins to fall out so they skin it alive so that the pelt will retain the fur. I'm not sure if the same goes for other animals or not though.
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    You know,there are a lotta sick,i mean really sick people,out there,but that still doesn't justify unability of avoiding...I mean on the internet,u'd have no excuse;as for the damn journalists which seek the sensational,mayble they all should get captured in Irak and beaheaded before a digital webcamera...That would be really sensational.

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    I wont, thank you
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    If u wanna sleep tonite,don't look here

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    can't open that link,show me what you got there,i'm ready man !
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    I find this hard to believe, although I am no biologist.
    If you don't kill the dog before the pelt is removed, the pelt and the dog dies anyway. There's nothing you can do to keep a dead pelt from shedding hair, AFAIK.

    And for people who think the meat tastes better when the animal is tortured, they couldn't be more wrong, as when the animal is tortured, stress hormones is released into the blood, which, quite frankly, make the meat taste like stale urine. :yuck:

    Reindeer meat is common in the north of Scandinavia, and when the natives slaughter animals for personal use, they make sure the animals are in no stress or pain, so they do the slaughtering in the wild. Only problem is that the health department won't allow it commercially, so they have to send the reindeer in trucks to slaughter houses, and the reindeer are stressed in the process, wich makes it taste bad. Luckily my mother has contacts, so she can get the good meat. And by the way, it is probably healthier to slaughter the animals in the wild than to bring them to a place with potentially rotten gunk lying around. :yuck:

    Anyway, I guess the sick people who are into animal torturing are making up all kinds of lame excuses for what they're doing. I say put them in cages, no matter how 'cultural' it is. Ethics should go before tradition. Period.
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    Yeah I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen to any animal including a dog.
    Maybe if you left it for a couple of days or so, but it definitely wouldn't be instantaneous.
    There are a lot of dogs that continuously shed hair though.
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    I have to agree with you on this. If an animal lives under stress or illness, their fur is usually the first to show it (long periods of elevated stress hormones lead to hair loss...sorry guys, not the male pattern baldness variety). People who raise animals for their fur, if they are reputable, know they get the best quality pelts by keeping the animals very comfortable and unstressed.

    Even if you could get a better pelt skinning an animal alive, it is still torture and is unacceptable. If you see sites showing such torture, you should report them.
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    apparently some animals are being skinned alive for food( snakes etc.) in far east,those people must like this taste and some even believe it helps men sexually.
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