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Ansoft Maxwell 3d Closely coupled inductor

  1. Dec 18, 2012 #1
    Hello! I am having an issue with getting any graphs on inductance or induced voltage.

    In the attached circuit:
    What I have is a 28Vac source w/ 400hz and 2 coils (R=18.6ohm each) that are connected with a common.

    In the model:

    I have a core in the center that will be able to move up changing the induced voltage and inductance when taken from the input of coil 1 and common or input of coil 2 and common. I know from experience (and hand calculations), that the coil will have 100mH from top to bottom when taken from input of coil 2 and output of coil 1 and with 50mH on each when the core is centered (obviously).

    Any help will be appreciated,
    (wrote this fast, sorry if it's hard to understand)

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    Here is the circuit

    My ansoft file was too big to import here.. trying to get it up

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    Guess this wasn't a fun topic for anyone
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    jim hardy

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    neither of your links will open
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    Really? They work when I tried them
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    jim hardy

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    i get an advertisement at filehosting
    and no recognition of a file by the name in your other link

    windows 7, ie9

    maybe somebody else can help
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