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ANSYS Bending Moments Calculation

  1. Jun 8, 2011 #1
    Dear All,

    I have been trying to calculate the bending moment redistribution on continuous, steel fiber reinforced, beams.

    The idea is simple, introducing to the ANSYS model elements, with lowered E-modulus, according always to the evolution of the cracking observed on the actual tests.

    I tried initially with solid 65 and a 3-d model but this material is not compatible with the bending moment (BM) calculation by ANSYS.

    I then created a model with BEAM3 element and obtained the BM diagram (Line element solution).

    Here comes the tricky part: when i implement new elements with reduced e-modulus i get the same BM-graph. That is obviously not correct since my beam is a continuous supported beam and thus a moment redistribution must be noticed. (Of course I updated my element table after the 'solve>current LS').

    What can I do? How can I make it work?

    The best,

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    For that type of problem, you should contact your ANSYS re-sellers help desk. Make sure you have your customer ID number.

  4. Jun 9, 2011 #3
    Thanks Matt!

    I did. But I thought it was a problem that many more would have dealt with.

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