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Anti Derivative of a fraction

  1. Apr 30, 2009 #1
    Find the area of the region under the graph of the function f on the interval [5, 10].
    F(x) = 9/x
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    When you say that F(x) = 9/x, do you mean that F'(x) = f(x) where f(x) is the function whose area under its curve you want to calculate? Or did you mistakenly capitalize "f"?
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    Well, my problem just says F(x). Other problems have F'(x), However, this one does not. Hmm...
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    Usually capitalized notation means that it is the anti-derivative. This means you should evaluate F from the given bounds. Do you know how to do this?
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    Try to be precise in the relationship between F(x) and f(x).
  7. May 1, 2009 #6
    9ln|x| + c
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