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Any idea what this is?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    It's a flock of birds.
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    Flocking behavior is very interesting mathematically, see for example, http://plus.maths.org/issue42/features/dartnell/index.html" [Broken].
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    It was very beautiful. I enjoyed that. I have seen several flocks this big, and bigger. It looks like they: A. found a food source or B. getting ready to roost for the night.
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    Amazing behavior, Thought it was birds. Was not sure tho.
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    Wow that was definitely interesting. I have never seen birds flock like that before.
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    Starlings, I'd guess

    The blobby thing is something stuck on the windscreen of the car it was filmed from.
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    I've seen this too, but never such a huge flock and never just kinda randomly flying around. Amazing.
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    We get hundreds of starlings at a time, but never anything like this!

    My sister used to do fieldwork, estimating flock sizes like this. I'll ask her how many in that flock.
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    Birds. You can clearly see bird **** land on the camera at 0:12.
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    definately starlings, i used to see them all the time when i was driving to work. They flock together in a particular way, different to most other birds, and the shapes they make can be really beautiful. Almost hypnotising at times.
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