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Any ideas for a small c++ code I could make?

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    I thing I've got the hang of the basics of c++ and want to try and make some thing that actually has a function other than just making code to calculate something that I could already have done using a calculator.

    Anyone got any ideas and then when I make I code post my code and see if any could show me some improvements I could make to it?

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    Most C++ textbooks have some non-trivial programming exercises. (At least my students thought they were non-trivial. :smile:)

    For more specific suggestions, it might help if you tell us what sort of things you're interested in. You're more likely to apply yourself to something related to your own interests. I once spent a lot of time writing a C++ program to convert a database of my classical-music CD collection from a proprietary format to one that could be imported by MySQL.
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    I would really like to make a program that I can use to index data, but I'd want to say have five fields to input data into and then be able to search the data again but only data that inputed in say field a.
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    That's pretty ambitious. In essence what you want to do is to create an application that creates a small database, and then lets the user search for entries in the database by a particular field.
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    Thanks Mark, Its what I've really started learning C++ to do, also I also want to learn programing incase I ever need it later on, university etc.

    I'm working on a celsius to farenheit converter that will take a range, max and min and then a number of steps for the range and work out the farenheit and celsius for these.
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