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Any ideas for intermediate-level programming projects in Python?

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    I have recently learned Python programming as a self study and am proficient in using the syntax. I can currently make calculators and other operational tools in Python, but I can't use Python to actually manipulate a computer; there is ample instruction in basic programming on-line but not much for intermediate projects. Does anyone have any ideas for an intermediate-level programming project that would be a good introduction to applying Python?

    Thanks for your input!
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    Hey PotentialE.

    You will have to think about what kind of project you want to make.

    Do you want to write a small game? How about a database app? Maybe a small chat application?

    Without answering this question, your aims are too broad and not so clear.
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    Thanks for the feedback; I'm not sure what exactly I'm aiming for - just a project that will apply the skills I have learned so far to something substantial. The three you have listed are good ideas- that's the type of suggestion I was looking for. It is sort of a general / brainstorming type of question. If you have done a project that you have enjoyed or found useful and want to elaborate more on it, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
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    I used to develop games and if you are doing this, then you will want to be very very patient.

    Having said that, I think you could develop a simple game pretty quickly. I wouldn't try and make a 3D game, but I do think a 2D game is doable within a short time frame.

    You will need to have a "mathematical" mind for this. When I say "mathematical" I don't mean that you will need to know pure mathematics, but you will have to translate things into math and data structures and then take that and implement it using code.

    A simple chat program is a good way to learn networking protocols. I don't know what Python supports, but I would be surprised if someone hasn't written a network API for it. (I don't program in Python by the way so I don't know).

    Making a game can be really painful, but when it works its a good feeling. Just so you get an idea, it will take you many many years to make a good 3D game engine which is why a lot of people just get an existing one (whether its free and open source or closed source and commercial).

    I'd think about either a really simple 2D game (like Snake where you are a snake and gobble things up to become longer and longer) or a chat program where you decide how many features you have based on how much time you have remaining after doing the absolute basic version.
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    I would suggest making a console blackjack game or a poker game. That would be a good step prior to attempting a game with graphics.
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