Any ideas for intermediate-level programming projects in Python?

In summary: Console blackjack is a pretty simple game- you basically have a deck of cards and you try to get as close to 21 as possible. Poker is a bit more complicated, but you essentially have two hands (pot and call) and you are trying to make the best possible decision.
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I have recently learned Python programming as a self study and am proficient in using the syntax. I can currently make calculators and other operational tools in Python, but I can't use Python to actually manipulate a computer; there is ample instruction in basic programming on-line but not much for intermediate projects. Does anyone have any ideas for an intermediate-level programming project that would be a good introduction to applying Python?

Thanks for your input!
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Hey PotentialE.

You will have to think about what kind of project you want to make.

Do you want to write a small game? How about a database app? Maybe a small chat application?

Without answering this question, your aims are too broad and not so clear.
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Thanks for the feedback; I'm not sure what exactly I'm aiming for - just a project that will apply the skills I have learned so far to something substantial. The three you have listed are good ideas- that's the type of suggestion I was looking for. It is sort of a general / brainstorming type of question. If you have done a project that you have enjoyed or found useful and want to elaborate more on it, that would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
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I used to develop games and if you are doing this, then you will want to be very very patient.

Having said that, I think you could develop a simple game pretty quickly. I wouldn't try and make a 3D game, but I do think a 2D game is doable within a short time frame.

You will need to have a "mathematical" mind for this. When I say "mathematical" I don't mean that you will need to know pure mathematics, but you will have to translate things into math and data structures and then take that and implement it using code.

A simple chat program is a good way to learn networking protocols. I don't know what Python supports, but I would be surprised if someone hasn't written a network API for it. (I don't program in Python by the way so I don't know).

Making a game can be really painful, but when it works its a good feeling. Just so you get an idea, it will take you many many years to make a good 3D game engine which is why a lot of people just get an existing one (whether its free and open source or closed source and commercial).

I'd think about either a really simple 2D game (like Snake where you are a snake and gobble things up to become longer and longer) or a chat program where you decide how many features you have based on how much time you have remaining after doing the absolute basic version.
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I would suggest making a console blackjack game or a poker game. That would be a good step prior to attempting a game with graphics.

1. What are some examples of intermediate-level programming projects in Python?

Some examples of intermediate-level programming projects in Python include creating a web scraper, building a chatbot, developing a social media platform, designing a game, and creating a data visualization tool.

2. How can I come up with ideas for intermediate-level programming projects in Python?

One way to generate ideas for intermediate-level programming projects in Python is to think about your interests and hobbies. You can also look for inspiration from online coding communities and forums, or try tackling a problem you encounter in your daily life.

3. What skills do I need to have to work on intermediate-level programming projects in Python?

To work on intermediate-level programming projects in Python, you should have a strong understanding of basic programming concepts like loops, functions, and data types. You should also be familiar with object-oriented programming and have knowledge of libraries and frameworks commonly used in Python.

4. Are there any resources available to help me with my intermediate-level Python programming project?

Yes, there are many resources available to help you with your intermediate-level Python programming project. You can find online tutorials, coding challenges, and forums where you can ask for help and advice. You can also refer to documentation and online courses to learn more about specific libraries and frameworks.

5. How can I make my intermediate-level Python programming project stand out?

To make your intermediate-level Python programming project stand out, you can try incorporating unique features or using a different approach to solving a common problem. You can also focus on creating a user-friendly interface, writing clean and efficient code, and implementing advanced techniques and algorithms.

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