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Any MIT undergrads/grads here? looking for research there.

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    I'm a junior undergraduate looking for some research opportunities in the biomedical engineering dept. at MIT. I don't go to MIT, and yes, I will call their CBE dept. asap to find out. But, is there any inside information on getting a research position there? I hope I'm not asking the wrong people.

    thanks, in advance.

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    biomed? Go to Johns Hopkins for that. They are one of the best in the world.
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    yea, i realize johns hopkins is a good place for biomed. funny thing, i actually happen to be a biomed undergrad at hopkins :redface: , but would like to look elsewhere for research opportunities this summer.

    any ideas about how i can maximize my chances as an mit research assistant? preferably, maybe someone that knows what it's like there. :biggrin:

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    Whoa, nice deal. Id stay right where you are if I were you! I think hopkins is a better place than MIT for biomed. At least thats what I hear. Hopkins is *the* place for medical research.
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    It would be helpful if you gave some idea of your research interests in biomedical engineering. While Hopkins is an excellent all-around school for biomedical engineering, it is very possible that other places, like MIT, are better than Hopkins in specific research areas. For example, I would say that MIT is the place to go to do research in optical coherence tomography (OCT), and Harvard, Penn, or University College London would be the places to go to do research in diffuse optical tomography (also known as diffuse optical imaging, optical diffusion tomography, or photon migration).
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    thx for the reply. My research interests are in bioinformatics. Anything that involves the use of mathematical modeling, computer science, and signal processing to model biological systems. I'm mainly looking for a summer research position that would be at a school other than Hopkins, with an interest in working at MIT. Just looking for suggestions for the best way to go about this. Hope that helps.
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    If you havent looked already, see what NIH is doing. They are 45 mins away from you and very good.

    My former fluids professor does modeling of the fluid flow in the bladder for NIH, so NIH might be worth looking into.
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    That sounds like fun.
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