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Anyone here who has studied/is studying software engineering?

  1. Apr 2, 2013 #1
    It's what I recently decided to go into. If anyone has any experiences/advice/suggestions to help get into good universities, that'd be great. I love programming and physics, both for the same reason, which is the logic behind it. They both make logical sense. I math, chem, etc as well, I know I'll be taking them, and doing a ton of math. My "dream" university/my goal university is Waterloo. It has the only program in Ontario that gives you a BSE, the rest just give you a BCS or something. So if I don't get into Waterloo, I think it's better to just study computer science at other universities instead of doing a software engineering program that isn't accredited for software engineering.

    I wrote the CCC and am registered for the SIN contest.
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    There are a number of good software Engineering programs in Canada (I'm assuming you are Canadian since you said Waterloo). UBC, UofR, I think Calgary has one. There are surely others, but I just know those ones do for sure.

    You mention that you are also quite interested in science and math. I would actually recommend you do a degree in Electronics/Electrical Engineering. Software Engineering degrees (at least at my school) don't do very much physics/math at all. And, a degree in EE can still get you a job doing software development quite easily.
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