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Homework Help: AP Reaction equations

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    Can you guys help me with these reactions? I've always kinda sucked at predicting reactions and some of these have me really confused. There from 2002, so I couldn't find the answers online.
    A. a solution of sodium iodide is added to a solution of lead(2) acetate.
    My answer: Pb+2 + 2I- = PbI2
    B. Pure white phosphurus is burned.
    2P+302 = 2P203
    C. Excess hydrochloric acid is added to 1.0M cobalt(2) chloride.
    No idea
    d. Solid sodium hydrogen carbonate(sodium bicarbonate) is strongly heated.
    No idea
    e. Hydrochloric acid is added to zinc sulfide.
    2H+ + ZnS = H2S + Zn+2
    The one i'm most confused about is c. Can you help me out?
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    Awesome, thanks a lot.
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