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Application of quadratic functions to volleyball

  1. Jan 2, 2015 #1
    • Originally posted in a technical math section, so missing the template
    hi!! i don't quite know how to start solving for this. i understand the problem and what it's asking for but i have no idea how to start solving for it.

    In a volleyball game, a player from one team spikes the ball over the net when the ball is 10 feet above the court. The spike drives the ball downward with an initial velocity of -55 ft/s. The other players must hit the ball before it touches the ground. How much time do the opposing players have to hit the ball?

    any help/tips/advice would be extremely helpful and appreciated. thank you so much!! happy happy new year!!
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    I think this thread should be in the homework/course work question ..

    By the way , the question asks for the maximum time period the opposing players can have to hit the ball back ,,

    That time is equal to the time needed for the ball to go to it's highest vertical position ,, Right ..

    So Our Equation would be [according to free fall equations ] :

    $$\triangle y = (v_i sin \theta) t -0.5 g t^2$$

    Can you get the values of delta y and vi and theta??
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    Read the question carefully and try to implement them ,,,,
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    oops sorry yeah i just realised that i posted this in the wrong forum :( sorry!!

    AHH i get it now!! thank you so so so much :)
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