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"Math Suks" is a song by Jimmy Buffett, from the album Beach House on the Moon (1999).
The lyrics tell of the author's frustration as a math student. According to the lyrics, the inspiration for the song and title came from a candid interview on TV:

I got so bored with my homework
I turned on the TV
The beauty contest winners were all smiling through their teeth
They asked the new Miss America "Hey babe, can you add up all those bucks?"
She looked puzzled then just said, "Math Suks!"However, in later interviews Jimmy said that the inspiration actually came from graffiti on a bridge in Key West Florida.Consistent with its stated theme, the song lyrics are largely an emotional catharsis; mathematical terms are used only in a very superficial way. Presumably for that reason, the song seems to have little appeal to mathematicians, and even less to mathematics teachers (unlike other songs that make fun at mathematics, such as Tom Lehrer's "Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky" and "New Math"). The song was in fact promptly condemned by the US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Education Association for its alleged negative effect on children's education. Jon Stewart also criticized the song on The Daily Show during a segment called "Math Is Quite Pleasant".

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  1. Y

    Granddaughter's Math Homework: Understanding an Equation

    Summary:: Tripped by my grand daughter's math homework again! This is the homework of my grand daughter, I don't understand the question: I wrote the questions in red. I have not done geometry for a long time! I don't understand the equation JM^2 = KM . LM. Is the "dot" just multiply? or is...
  2. C

    Trigonometry (re-moved to Precalc Math Homework)

    Homework Statement: (cos2A -1)/sinA +sin2A/(cos2A+1)*cosA=__________________ Homework Equations: sin2A=2sinAcosA cos2A+1=cos^2A cos2A-1=sin^2A (cos2A -1)/sinA +sin2A/(cos2A+1)*cosA [cos^2(2A)-1 +2sin^2(A)cos^2(A)]/sinA(cos2A+1) [-sin^2(2A) + 2sin^2(A)cos^2(A)]/sinA(cos2A+1) I can't proceed...
  3. A

    Is math homework a mistake for pre-teen and teenage students?

    Most people don't get to cal 1 in high-school by the time they are seniors. People are excepted to get ready for cal 2 by the time they get to college. People don't get to cal 1 because they don't study at their home. However, in my personal opinion, is homework a mistake to give to students...
  4. I

    MHB I can never get started on my Math homework.

    I can never get started on, or never get motivated with my math homework. I know this seems like a stupid question, but if anyone has any tips, they would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. M

    How to do intgral for (cos(x)^2)*cos(wx)

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  6. Calpalned

    Green's Ellipse (Move to Math homework)

    Homework Statement Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a Solution Question 1) Suppose I tried to convert ##\int \int_c {-2y^3} dA## into polar coordinates. What would the limits be? I know that ##x = rcos(\theta), y = rsin(\theta)## but the two rs are different (unlike in a circle). Q2)...
  7. C

    How many values of k can be determined, such that

    Homework Statement How many values of k can be determined in general, such that (k/p) = ((k+1) /p) = 1, where 1 =< k <=p-1? Note: (k/p) and ((k+1)/p) are legendre symbols Question is more clearer on the image attached.Homework Equations On image. The Attempt at a Solution I've tried...
  8. Rithikha

    Factor Theorem Question: Find a and b for P(x) as a factor of T(x)

    Homework Statement If the polynomial P(x) = x^2+ax+1 is a factor of T(x)=2x^3-16x+b, find a, b Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Let (px+q) be a factor of P(x), p can possibly be 1 and so can q, according to factor theorem, Hence, factors (x+1) or (x-1) P(1) = 0, substituting I got...
  9. Cookiey

    Inverse Function of Greatest Integer Function in a Given Domain

    Homework Statement If f:(2,4)-->(1,3) where f(x)=x-[x/2] (where[.] denotes the greatest integer function), then find the inverse function of f(x). Homework Equations (None I believe.) The Attempt at a Solution I know that for a function to be invertible, it must be both one-one and onto...
  10. 2

    Finding the nth root of a complex number?

    Homework Statement Find the solutions to z^{\frac{3}{4}}=\sqrt{6}+\sqrt{2}i Homework Equations de Moivre's theorem The Attempt at a Solution z^{\frac{3}{4}}=2\sqrt{2}e^{\frac{\pi i}{6}}=2\sqrt{2}e^{\frac{\pi i}{6}+2k\pi}=2\sqrt{2}e^{\frac{\pi +12k\pi}{6}i} z=4e^{\frac{4}{3}{\frac{\pi...
  11. J

    Discover Solutions for Vectors Cross Product Homework | AM x BC = AM x AC

    Homework Statement Find the set of points of M such that: AM x BC=AM x AC (Vectors) The Attempt at a Solution [/b] AM x (BM+MC) =AMx(AM+MC) AMxBM+AMxMC=AMxAM +AM x MC Then AMxBM=0 MA X MB=0 I am new to this lesson and this is my first time i solve such a question and i had no idea...
  12. S

    Negative Volume of Revolution?

    There is a nice equation made by Nobuo Yamamoto which describes the curve of an egg and it is: (x^2 + y^2)^2 = ax^3 + (3/10)xy^2, where a is the length of the major axis of the egg. Solve this equation for y, we get: y=+/- sqrt((3/20)ax - x^2 + xsqrt((7/10)ax + (9/400)a^2)) When I rotate the...
  13. angeli

    Application of quadratic functions to volleyball

    Homework Statement A player hits a volleyball when it is 4 ft above the ground with an initial vertical velocity of 20 ft/s (equation would be h = -16t2 + 20t + 4). What is the maximum height of the ball? Homework Equations quadratic formula The Attempt at a Solution t = -20 ±√202 - 4(-16)(4)...
  14. angeli

    Application of quadratic functions to volleyball

    hi! i don't quite know how to start solving for this. i understand the problem and what it's asking for but i have no idea how to start solving for it. In a volleyball game, a player from one team spikes the ball over the net when the ball is 10 feet above the court. The spike drives the ball...
  15. G

    Struggling with Math Homework? E(t) Term Got You Stuck?

    Homework Statement Please see the attached file. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution If my math is right so far, I am basically stuck as to what to do with the E(t) term. [/B]
  16. ajayguhan

    Solving a Math Homework Problem: Images Attached

    Homework Statement I have attached the question in image format. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I attached my attempt at solution as images. Kindly have look at them.
  17. P

    What is the determinant of a 3x3 matrix?

    Homework Statement Determinant |a b c| |d e f| = 5 |g h i| What is the determinant of? |4a 4b 4c| |3d 3e 3f| | g h i| The Attempt at a Solution So far I got this, a(ei - hf) - b(di - gf) + c(dh - ge) = 5 How would I even go about this, I have 9 unknowns, but only 1 equations?
  18. R

    What is the value of k for continuity at x = π/4?

    Homework Statement f(x) = [1 - tan(x)]/[1 - √2 sin(x)] for x ≠ π/4 = k/2 for x = π/4 Find the value of k if the function is continuous at x = π/4 The Attempt at a Solution This means that lim x → π/4 f(x) = k/2 I put x = (π/4 + h) and then...
  19. B

    Find Voltage Across 47-uF Capacitor: A Math Homework Problem

    Homework Statement referring to the attatchment. the current consists of two semi circles. the question asks me to find the voltage across a 47-uF capacitor when t = 2ms. Homework Equations v(t) = 1/C ∫ i(t)dt +v(t0) {I realize their has to be limits for the integrand,I just can't type...
  20. A

    Help with a discrete math homework problem

    Homework Statement show that for positive r and s, with r<s, we always have: r<(r+s)/2<s and 2/[(1/r)+(1/s)]^2< 2rs< (r+s)^2 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i have shown that r<s because r+r<s+r, 2r<s+r, r<(s+r)/2 and 2r< (2s+2r)/4 (r+s)^2= r^2+2rs+s^2...
  21. P

    Solving Math Homework with a Parent's Help

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution This isn't for me, my son asked me to solve this, and I don't remember high school math, seeing that it isn't my field of study.
  22. G

    How do YOU do your math homework?

    How do YOU do your math homework? Do you read the pages of examples, proofs, theories, etc, in the textbook? Or do you learn it by taking notes in class? If you learn by taking notes in class, do you still read the textbook? Or do you just not read the textbook, and just skip to the problems...
  23. S

    Help Solve Math Homework Qs -3, -1, 1 & CD 2

    Homework Statement http://puu.sh/ajGv Homework Equations ?? The Attempt at a Solution Q1- is -3, -1 and 1 Q2- CD is 2 Q3- I don't understand hence can't even start it
  24. Z

    How do I find the equation of a hyperbola given a point and one asymptote?

    Homework Statement 1) A hyperbola goes through the point P(6, 2), and one of its asymptotes is the line r: 2x + 5y = 0. Determine its equation. 2) Prove that a line parallel to one asymptote of a hyperbola interesects it in a single point. Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  25. Z

    Finding the Value of Σk=0k=7a2k from a Multinomial Expansion

    Homework Statement If (1+x+x2+x3)5 = Σk=0k=15akxk, then Σk=0k=7a2k is equal to? The Attempt at a Solution Put x=1 in the expression given. We get 45 = a0 + a1 + a2 + ... a15 Put x=-1 in the same expression 0 = a0 - a1 + a2 ... -a15 Adding the two results, 45 = 2(a0 + a2...a14)...
  26. Z

    Probability math homework

    Homework Statement Seven chits are numbered 1 to 7. Three are drawn one by one with replacements. The probability that the least number on any selected chit is 5, is? The Attempt at a Solution We require 5 to be present on atleast one of the three chits and no number should be less...
  27. R

    Do Rational Functions Ordered by End Behavior Satisfy the Cauchy Criterion?

    Homework Statement In the field of rational functions ordered by end behavior, is the Cauchy Criterion satisfied?Homework Equations Definition of a sequence converging: Let e(x)>0, then there exists N s.t. if n >= N, then there exists an X s.t. if x>=X then |a_n(x)- a(x)|<e(x) Is this...
  28. H

    Proving the Relationship Between Determinants and Hyperplanes

    Homework Statement [PLAIN]http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/1108/question.png The Attempt at a Solution I understand that the determinant represents the set of points, x in R_k which lies in the hyper plane passing through the points p1, p2...p_k. I also know, that if the determinant is non...
  29. D

    Find Displacement of Car: Math Homework

    Homework Statement car travels 18.2km due north then 43.2km at 53 degrees west of north. Find magnitude of car's resultant displacement. b.) calculate the direction of the car's resultant displacement, measured counter-clockwise from the northerly direction.Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  30. N

    Antiderivative math homework help

    Homework Statement \int(2x^2+1)^7 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution u=2x^2+1 du=4xdx u7 (1/4x)du I am stuck... I don't know what to do next...
  31. P

    Jacobian Math Homework: Chain Rule and Determinants of Composition

    Homework Statement Suppose that P, Q, and R are regions in R2, and suppose T1 : P -> Q and T2 : Q -> R are dierentiable. Use the (multivariable) Chain Rule and det(AB) = det(A)det(B) to show that the Jacobian of the composition T2 o T1 is the product of the Jacobians of T1 and T2...
  32. R

    PDE Math Homework Help: Solving BVPs for Periodic Functions

    Homework Statement We are given f \epsilon C(T) [set of continuous and 2pi periodic functions] and PS(T) [set of piecewise smooth and 2pi periodic functions] SOlve the BVP ut(x,t) = uxx(x,t) ; (x,t) belongs to R x (0,inf) u(x,0) = f(x) ...
  33. G

    Simplifying math homework help

    Homework Statement Show how to simplify (mBvB2 - mBvC2 - mCvC2)/(mBvB2) to mC/(mC + mB) Homework Equations vB is not equal to vC. vB = muzzle speed of a bullet = unknown value vC = speed of the clay block after it is hit by the bullet = unknown value vB = ((2gh)0.5(mB + mC))/mB vC =...
  34. F

    Math Homework Woes: Extra Credit Assignment for My Son

    Homework Statement It's an extra credit assignment assigned by my math teacher, I sort of tried it but I'm not very good, and not too sure what else to do, this part isn't my strong suit. Here's the problem: (A) "If my son would live forever and he grows 1 inch this week, 1/2 inch next...
  35. 1

    Simplify Indices Equations: A Guide to Solving Math Homework

    Hi!I have got problem on Indices ( which i think i 'm not nearing any solution ) Homework Statement Well the sum is a m^n= (a m)n Now it is to be expressed in terms of n Homework Equations none The Attempt at a Solution I tried this way as the bases are same .: m n= m...
  36. W

    Understanding Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in Reflection Matrices

    Homework Statement Let A be a matrix corresponding to reflection in 2 dimensions across the line generated by a vector v . Check all true statements: A. lambda =1 is an eigenvalue for A B. Any vector w perpendicular to v is an eigenvector for A corresponding to the eigenvalue lambda =1. C...
  37. A

    What is the Proof of sup(A)+1 as the Least Upper Bound for B=A+1?

    Homework Statement Let A \inR be a non-empty,bounded set .Define B=A+1=\left\{a+1:a\inA\right\} Prove that sup(B) =sup(A)+1 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution let a\inA b\inB s\inR because B=A+1=\left\{a+1:a\inA\right\} so b=a+1 \forallb\inB s>= b \rightarrow s>=a+1 , s>=a so...
  38. B

    Settlement of Multiple Obligations with Varying Interest Rates

    Homework Statement What single payment made immediately will settle the following obligations if money is worth 18 % compounded semi-annually a.) 5000 due in 3 years b.) 6000 due in 3 and 1/2 years with 10% simple interest rate c.) 7000 due in 5 and 1/4 years with interest at 16%...
  39. R

    Solving for Angle 'a' in Quadrant 2: Math Homework

    Homework Statement Given that (csc a) = (sec0.75) and that 'a' lies in the second quadrant, determine the measure of angle 'a', to two decimal places. Homework Equations reciprocal and quotient identities. The Attempt at a Solution I only got as far as: 1/sin(a) = 1/cos(0.75) The answer...
  40. P

    Please control my math homework (It's done)

    Just wanted to control if i made my math homework correctly. Just one exercise. Made it on paper and scanned into computer. The task was to simplify. Here it is: http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/6669/mathexecisewq0.jpg Please check it before 5th Januar, because i have to show it to my...
  41. H

    What is the solution to this math homework challenge?

    Homework Statement suppose f(x-1/x+1)+f(-1/x)+f(1+x/1-x)=x then find f(x) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  42. W

    What is the Laplace transform of a convolution?

    Homework Statement Find R(\tau) if a) S(\omega) = \frac{1}{(4+\omega^2)^2} Homework Equations I have given \frac{4}{4+\omega^2} <==> e^{-2|\tau|} The Attempt at a Solution So S(\omega) = \frac{1}{(4+\omega^2)^2}= \frac{1}{16}\frac{4}{(4+\omega^2)}\frac{4}{(4+\omega^2)} R(\tau)=...
  43. T

    Probability math homework help

    An aircraft requires 25 rivets. The seam will have to be reworked if any of these rivets is defective. Suppose rivets are defective independently of one another, each with same probability. (a) If 20 \% of all seams need reworking, what is the probability that a rivet is defective? So...
  44. X

    Inequalities math homework problem

    A rectangular solid is to be constructed with a special kind of wire along all the edges. The length of the base is to be twice the width of the base. The height of the rectangular solid is such that the total amount of wire used (for the whole figure) is 40 cm. Find the range of possible...
  45. daniel_i_l

    Can c_1 and c_2 Make F an Antiderivative of f?

    Homework Statement Let f:[0,2]->R be defined as: if 0 =< x =< 1 then f(x) = 4(x^3) if 1 < x =< 2 then x = x^2 + 2 Prove or disprove: There exist c_1 , c_2 in R so that F:[0,2]-R defined as: if 0 =< x =< 1 then f(x) = x^4 + c_1 if 1 < x =< 2 then x = (x^3)/3 + 2x + c_2 Homework...
  46. L

    How should I do my math homework?

    Well for my Calculus homework, I have to graph only on graph paper. Should I just do everything on graph paper so I don't have to switch from graph to line and then back again? I'm having a hard time figuring out which way is best because the teacher will take off points for not graphing on...
  47. A

    Triangle math homework help

    A surveyor is trying to determine the height of a mountain. First, he msut determine how far away it is. He establishes a base line of 1km and measures the angle to the summit from both ends of the base line. The angle on the right side is 88degrees and the angle on the left end is 88degrees...
  48. A

    Differentiating Complex Functions with Respect to x

    Differentiate with respect to x dy = 3x^2 - 5√x + 1/2x^2 dx __________________________________________ I don't understand how to differentiate this part: 5√x + 1/2x^2. I think changing it to indices form would be: x^1/5 + (2x)^-2? How can it be worked out? :confused:
  49. T

    Finding Roots for a Challenging Polynomial Equation

    What are the ROots: x^4+4x^3+14x^2=-4x-13 ok the 13 really causes a problem because you can't factor that. So I move the right side to the left and then you can't find a number that fits so that it equals zero so I tried factoring it somehow but can't do it can someone help?
  50. R

    How can I simplify this summation problem?

    Hi... I am working on a problem... 41.25 \sum_{n=0}^\24 \frac{n}{x^n} (on the top of the Sigma, it should say 24, NOT 4) I am searching, but can't seem to find a way to reduce that. Computing that up to [tex]n=24[/itex] is pretty tedious... Anybody know if there is a simpler...