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Homework Help: Arc length trig vector problem

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    I need help with this homework problem:

    Making a turn, a jetliner flies 2.1km on a circular path of radius 3.4km. Through what angle does it turn?

    Any ideas that would help me in doing it??

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    *hint* arc length in trig.
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    Why don't you try the forum specifically for homework, you will probably get more help there. :smile:
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    Draw a diagram.
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    The formula for calculating the circumference [tex]\pi d[/tex]. You have the radius which is half the diametre, so in this case the diametre is 6.8. Now plug those figures into the formula. It should look like this...

    [tex]\pi 6.8 = 21.35[/tex]

    Now that you have the total circumference, you want to find out what fraction of the circumference the plane travels. I would do this by trying to find what 1 degree is, so I would go


    Now that you have what 1 degree is in relation to a length, you simply multiply


    This will give you the angle in which the plane has travelled. It should be around 36 degrees but I will let you finish it off.

    If you are having any trouble just say :smile:
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