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Are dogs' mouths really cleaner than humans'?

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    Now to the next obvious question: Are dogs' mouths cleaner than cats'?
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    Winter is a great time for dogs, frozen cat poopsicles are a special treat. This is relatively tame on the 'gross things dogs eat" scale though.

    The second grossest thing I've seen a dog eat is fresh diarrhea off the ground from a baby goat. The grossest thing is when the dog decided to get it fresher straight from the source and headed for the goat.
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    :rofl: Yes, my dogs love snacking in the cat box and vomit is a special treat.
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    Depends on whether you'd rather have a bite wound infection with Eikenella or Pasteurella. :biggrin:
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    if the dog has a cat in his mouth...
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