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Are eyebrows symmetrical?

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    Is it true that no person's eyebrows are exactly in-line and symmetrical with each other?
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    Faces and bodies are not symmetrical, and eyes, nose, ears and various facial features are not exactly in-line or symmetric.
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    Ideally humans would have left-right symmetry, but it's very unlikely that you'll ever find someone who's perfectly symmetrical because the growth process is never 100% perfect.

    As for eyebrows, I think it would be possible to get pretty good symmetry by plucking, as long as you're careful.
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    Well... some are more symmetric than others... Astronuc's eyebrows are so asymmetric that one has moved down to his chin.
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    I read an article recently that explained that while most people find asymmetrical faces unattractive exact symmetry is actually found as more disturbing. I guess it's all about the middle path for faces and life.
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    But eyebrows that are too unsymmetrical are just as unattractive.

    My right brow is noticeably different and much lower than the left. I consider this to be a very unattractive feature.
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    Have you asked others what they think about it?
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    That is one of those weird myths, like the golden triangle fitting into human proportions myth. If you use photoshop to create a symmetrical face you'll see what you get is super ugly and a little scary

    Elliott Smith was ugly and he was one of the most beautiful people ever. Embrace your face :)
    I have been super happy since I came terms with looking like the keeper of the bog of eternal stench in Labyrinth. I think it's only "low self esteem" if you are constantly fighting it.

    Anyway, I'm being unscientific.

    In my experience, most people have unsymmetrical eyebrows, as do I. I like both my eyebrows, they just happen not to match each other at all. One is square the other is roundy.
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    Untrue! You might in some cases, but you also might not. I have played around with this. The result depends on using a photo that is taken directly from the center front, for one thing. If not, if the subject is actually turned a bit to one side, you're liable to get something weird looking, yes. The axis of symmetry also has to be chosen carefully. People often have their head cocked slightly, and you have to correct for that. If you are careful with those two considerations, and the original face isn't obviously weird somehow, you should get a face that is perfectly acceptable as a face. It might look unusual compared to the original person, but it should be completely acceptable to someone whose never seen it before.
    And there's Lyle Lovett who, for my money, has one of the most interesting faces ever. There are a zillion examples of people who had/have classically unusual faces who, never-the-less were/are very compelling to look at.
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    :oldbiggrin: Can you at the same time draw circles with one hand and squares with another ?
    I can do it, the square is on the right and the circle on the left but I can't do it in reverse. Can I conclude that thiis indicates my cerebral hemispheres are not symmetrical either ?:oldbiggrin:
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    jim hardy

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    Sometimes they're not


    sometimes they are


    And sometimes it's just hard for a fellow to notice.

    http://i2.wp.com/theworldofnails.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/elvira-058.jpg?resize=1920%2C1080 [Broken]
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    Mine are not, one is arched one is not. I always have to warn salons that I have uneven eyebrows and they have to kind of even it out.
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    If you look at someone's face really close that face is not symmetrical. I have reconnected with some old classmates on Facebook. many of them even have one eye higher than I remember. Old guys don't need symmetrical, but the women now in their 70's look odd with one eye obviously higher than the other. It even runs in families. There are two sisters who were real cute when they were young, and now look a bit odd with one eye up. That distance must grow with age.
  16. Mar 29, 2015 #15
    When I get a haircut, I bring a protractor and only pay if they get it symmetrical.
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    I can tell you my eyebrows are NOT symmetrical. There's a sq cm of it on my left eyebrow that the grain runs north where the rest runs to the side as normal. The perfection of nature.
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