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Are field lines from a magnetic dipole equal in magnitude?

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    If this is your magnetic dipole and you start at the north end and follow a field line to the south end, is the magnetic field equal in magnitude the entire way through?
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    No. Magnetic field strength is more like the density of field lines.
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    What if you had a magnet and drew a circle from the north to the south pole. This circle had the same radius from the center of the magnet.
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    It depends on how closely the magnetic field is approximated as a pure dipole field.

    In a pure dipole field, the field strength is equal in magnitude at points symmetric wrt the N and S poles.

    Some magnetic sources are better approximated as pure dipoles than others.
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    The strength of the field does not have spherical symmetry for a magnet.
    The radius from the center is not enough to determine the value.
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