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Are there any theories in physics that you don't believe?

  1. Aug 8, 2014 #1
    I myself don't really believe that the rules of physics break down inside a black hole or that time can go backwards. I was wondering if there is anything that some people do not believe or have serious doubts about.
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    Who says time can go backwards? And the rules of physics as we know them must break down at some point in the sense of no longer being a good description. This does not mean physics itself breaks down - Nature does what Nature does. The entire point of physics is to describe how it does it as accurately as possible. Personal beliefs are ideally irrelevant.
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    I guess I failed to back my reasoning in the question. I heard many times over and over again in articles and documentaries that there could be a way to go back/forward in time that we are unaware of. A lot of times black holes are referenced as something that could be used as such. I don't believe that a black hole breaks the laws of physics, but it is governed by perhaps greater laws that we don't understand yet.
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    Scientific theories are subject to experimental confirmation or contradiction. Our beliefs need not be scientifically based, but forum topics do.
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