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B Asteroid color?

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    Hi all,
    This is such a simple question that seems that it is very hard to find an answer to.

    What color are the asteroids (or major groups of asteroids)?

    I'm not talking about spectral colors, but actual colors I would see of the rocks that make up the asteroids if they were here on Earth. I found this on the internet. Is the following correct, or are they talking about "spectral colors"?

    In addition to classifications of asteroids based on their orbits, most asteroids fall into three classes based on composition. The C-type or carbonaceous are greyish in color and are the most common, including more than 75 percent of known asteroids. They probably consist of clay and stony silicate rocks, and inhabit the main belt's outer regions. The S-type or silicaceous asteroids are greenish to reddish in color, account for about 17 percent of known asteroids, and dominate the inner asteroid belt. They appear to be made of silicate materials and nickel-iron. The M-type or metallic asteroids are reddish in color, make up most of the rest of the asteroids, and dwell in the middle region of the main belt.
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    It seems to me that that the article you quoted is referring to the colours that would be percieved by a person with normal eyesight.
    'greyish' is almost by definition the absence of a spectral colour.
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