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Astronomical software for BCE Thuban era

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    I am a newb interested in prehistory: I'd like to gaze on night skies of 5000 years ago, is this possible please?

    I already have Space.Com 'Night Sky Explorer' but this only gets me back to 200 BC.

    Please advise.

    Many thanks ;)

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    Old skies, old program! Runs happily under XP and earlier, not sure about Vista or Windows7. Epochs from -30000 to =30000.

    Try SOLEX http://chemistry.unina.it/~alvitagl/solex/ [Broken]
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    Thanks :)

    I'm using Stellarium at the moment which is fantastic -


    when will someone bring out a Stellarium-Google Earth hybrid so that we can relate heavenly phenomena to a tolerably accurate virtual horizon please?

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