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Atomic Electron Transition Intervals

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    Are there any charts (information) concerning the elements and Atomic Electron Transition intervals? Does each element have a time it takes from absorption to the time of re-emission?

    Concerning Spectral Lines are the result of interaction between a quantum system (atoms) and a single photon.

    When a photon has about the right amount of energy to allow a change in the energy state of the system (in the case of an atom this is usually an electron changing orbitals, the photon is absorbed.

    Then it will be re-emitted either in the same frequency as the original or in a cascade, where the sum of the energies of the photons emitted will be equal to the energy of the one absorbed (assuming the system returns to its original state).
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    I guess you are after the lifetime of excited states. Each excited state has its own lifetime, so you won't get a single answer for a given element. In the NIST Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data, you will find Einstein coefficients for spontaneous emission (##A_{ik}##) for many excited states.

    Is there a question in there?
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    Note that a lifetime does not mean that the transition cannot happen earlier. They is no "minimal waiting time".
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    No, that was for clarity.
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