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Homework Help: Axis of revolution-washer/disks

  1. Jul 5, 2013 #1


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    Y=x^2, y=0, x=1 ; about x=2

    v=pi r^2 T

    I tried 0 to 1 intg (x^3-2)^2+2^2 dx, but it wasn't right. Not sure what to do.
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    We're not sure what you are doing, either.

    Use the homework template and give a complete problem statement.
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    It may help to break that thing up into two different integrals. The thing is shaped like a circus tent. That is, a cylinder with a spire on top. The cylinder integration can be done without calculus. Then do the spire part using your books formula (the formula for volume basically) and add the two.
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    I see no spire on top, just an oddly-shaped cylinder.
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    QuarkCharmer's description makes sense to me. The point of the spire is at x=2, the axis of revolution. But the washer method just seems to complicate matters. emk, were you told to use that method here?
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    Yes, either the disk or washer method.
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    Unless I am mistaken:

    You could easily find all these intersection points, and rewrite the equation to integrate such that the integration makes more sense to you.

    Hope that is helpful.
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