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B.S. in Physics from DePaul

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    Hi, I'm new here.
    I've been admitted to DePaul and want to get a B.S. in Physics. I know that there are a few better universities in Chicago, but right now DePaul is my only option (I can get into the specifics if you want me to, but it's just boring).
    I tried searching on google, but I can't seem to find anyone who went to DePaul for Physics. I know they're a private university and don't perform a lot of research (I might be wrong about this one). Anyway, I'm mostly just concerned about the quality of my education more than anything else.

    Any opinions? I'd love to give more information if necessary.
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    I don't think you have to be this worried about it. While it certainly isn't a "prestigious" institution as far as physics is concerned, I don't think you'll be severely handicapped if, say, you want to go on to graduate school, especially if you have excellent grades. I will bet you that if you talk to a few of the long-time faculty members, you'll see that they had students who went on to UofC, Rochester, etc.. for their graduate school after receiving their degrees there.

    Note that, and this is true for many smaller schools and smaller physics programs, because they can't compete in terms of research, etc., they tend to focus a lot more closely on teaching the subject matter. This means that you could get better instruction and a more personal attention (due to smaller classes) in such a smaller program. It is not uncommon that faculty members at such schools are involved in physics education and physics education research.

    And in case you are not aware of it, Mary Boas, who wrote THE most important book any physics undergraduate could ever have (in my opinion), used to teach at DePaul. I'm sure they still use her book in the math-physics classes.

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