Background music for my video on physics

In summary, the conversation is about someone looking for background music for a physics video. The person asking the question likes the music on a particular website and asks if anyone knows where to download it for free. Another person suggests buying it from Amazon for a low price and mentions that it sounds like it was taken from Carl Sagan's Cosmos. The original person thanks them for the helpful response and is given a link to purchase the music on Amazon.
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Hi every one,

This question is not related to politics. However I am looking for a background music for my video on physics. I love the background music in this web site:-

Do you know a place to download this music (if it is freely available)? Do you know the name of this so that I can do a google search?

Thank you.
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Gamma said:
Hi every one,

This question is not related to politics.

Then why are you posting here?

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Thank you. That was helpful.

1. What type of background music is best for a video on physics?

The best type of background music for a video on physics depends on the tone and purpose of the video. For a serious or informative video, instrumental music such as classical or electronic may be more appropriate. For a more lighthearted or playful video, upbeat and catchy music may be more suitable.

2. How loud should the background music be in relation to the dialogue in the video?

The background music should not overpower the dialogue in the video. It should be at a lower volume and serve as a subtle complement to the visuals and dialogue. It is important to strike a balance so that the music does not distract from the main content of the video.

3. Can I use copyrighted music for my physics video?

Using copyrighted music in a video without permission is a violation of copyright law. It is best to use royalty-free or creative commons licensed music for your video to avoid any legal issues. There are many websites that offer free or affordable music specifically for use in videos.

4. Should the background music change throughout the video?

It is not necessary to have the background music change throughout the video, but it can be effective in keeping the audience engaged. If you choose to have multiple songs or music tracks in your video, make sure they flow well together and enhance the overall message of the video.

5. How can I make sure the background music fits with the overall theme of my video?

Before choosing background music for your video, consider the tone and purpose of the video. This will help guide your selection and ensure that the music aligns with the overall theme. You can also listen to different options and get feedback from others to determine which music best fits the visuals and message of your video.

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