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Bad Modern Algebra Book, but good choice

  1. Oct 17, 2005 #1
    I went into this semester ignoring many remarks that Modern Alg. is a very hard course. I think the course material was a difficult at times but certainly not impossible. Like all math courses it required time and patience.
    However, I have had a rude awakening. I have never had such a course where there was practically nothing in worked out examples. Virtually everything hinged on what the professor said which at times contrast the blatantly obvious and the nearly incoherent.
    But this wasn't all terrible for me. As I was studying awhile ago I felt that there was almost nothing practical coming out of this course. I simply wish to be a high school math teacher, nothing more. So this led me to change my degree from a B.S., which required MA among other theoretical courses, to a B.A., which focuses more on applied mathematics. I want a strong background in something practical incase I do not wish to teach so that I can go to IBM or wherever.
    In the end I dropped modern algebra, but it turned out to be a good thing. So this just goes to show you should really check out if you really need a course before you take it.
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