Ballistic Missile Defense: The $6 Billion Plan

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To Whom it May Concern:

I have a concept that outlines a defense system that would protect the United States from a high percentage of ballistic missiles, whether such an assault was caused by an accidental launch, an act of terrorism or war.

This concept is thought to be beyond what the United States has in the arena in terms of ballistic missile defense, such as the airborne laser, missile interceptors and etc.

An estimated cost of this system is placed at $6 billion; this makes the proposed system the cheapest to date and as my writing indicates the most powerful system to date, as a ballistic missile killer.

In addition it is believed that the proposed system will also have the following advantages:

· Its usage will render a great percentage of ballistic missiles inoffensive (restated due to importance).

· Because of the simplicity of the system its on-line date can be within a few years.

· The system can be built using existing technologies and capabilities that are within the grasp of United States.

· The entire system size is very small, when compared to other ballistic missile defense systems.

At this time I would like to establish a dialogue with anyone within the United States government, with the end result of presenting this concept to the appropriate persons within Washington DC. With this in mind, do you know anyone within the United States structure whom I could communicate to?

In closing, if a vast majority of American lives could be saved on the day(s) ballistic missiles (carrying nuclear warheads) are fired at this country, should not an inquiry be made as to the method which I propose?

Thank you for your time that was invested into reading this posting and for your assistance, which will hopefully be rendered in the future.

Timothy M. Young
Uh yes...the Fermat of invention?

I have a wonderful proof of my last theorem, but I can't write it here :D


Would you mind please giving us the gist of it? Obviously any thing can be a matter of national security, but surely there must be something that you can say...
Having the privelege to have actually worked on NMD, I gotta say, throw me a bone here. What's your big cost saver? No EKV? No upgraded GBR? You suggesting an entirely different method of rendering missles "inoffensive"?


I have been working with is fairies with anti-ballistic pixie dust. Don't tell anyone!


Originally posted by Zero
I have been working with is fairies with anti-ballistic pixie dust. Don't tell anyone!
Thats nothing, I can glare at them and make them fall out of the sky.


The only logical solution is orbiting nuclear weapons.

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