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Band structure and fermi surface of copper

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    I've been searching on the web for this two topics, band structure and fermi surface, both of copper. I can't find any of them from a free source, I am doing just a report of my class of introduction to solid state and I just have found this two things in articles that must be bought.

    If anyone can give a free source reference I would be very grateful.

    Thanks :)
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    The book Introduction to solid state physics by Charles Kittel has information about those two topics, you could search for it in your university library or any bookstore
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    Two introductions to band structure, entirely free (just googled "introduction band structure"). You might want to look specifically at bands for the fcc structure and for metals since this corresponds to the properties of copper (if I remember correctly).

    Kittel is a great book by the way, I can recommend that.
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