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Beal Conjecture - Demonstration

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    Good morning, my name is Alberto and I'm from Peru (South America); and this is my first post on this forum. My Question is: A few hours ago I just discover an equation to obtain the values of the Beal Conjecture:

    A^x + B^y = C^z

    A, B, C has a common factor and x, y, z are coprimes, all of them bigger than 2 and differents from each other.

    I just discover an equation, and I introduce random numbers and after that I obtain the 6 values of ABC and xyz. I introduce a lot of random numbers and during this time, I have 18 packs of numbers, with numbers from 2 digits to 5 digits.

    And My Question is, what I need to show this to the world? I Saw that still exist a prize of 1 million dollars, in which forums or magazines would I need to show my paper?

    It's my first time and I don't have any idea on which way to start and for real I want to prevent my work to be stolen.

    Thanks in advance for everything, best regards. Alberto.
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    Have you read this article on wikipedia?


    You will first need to be sure your results have met the Beal Conjecture conditions otherwise people won't take your work seriously. Mathematicians are very careful with anything they publish because even a small mistake can lead to great embarassment.

    If after having carefully read about the conjecture and you truly believe you have the answer then you would have to get it published as per the American Mathematical Society web page which is the official body handling the prize.


    Please note, you must have your results published in a reputable Mathematical journal. The rules clearly state that they will not consider proofs or results sent directly to them without peer review by other mathematicians.

    This means you may have to visit a university math department and get a mathematician to sponsor your paper for a journal which means he/she will have to review your work before agreeing to post to a journal for peer review and possible publication.

    Good luck, this will be quite exciting if true.
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