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Behavior of Massive Electromagnetic Fields

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    Can someone provide a qualitative description of how electromagnetic fields behave differently when one uses the Proca equations rather than Maxwells equations? That is, if I start with a nice classical EM problem like a plane wave, a moving charge, or an antenna, and then I gradually increase the mass of the photon (perhaps to something very large), what should I expect to happen? This is more of a thought experiment, I'm not concerned with the physical reality of it.
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    The only thing I know off hand is that the potential will no longer fall off as 1/r, that requires that the particle (photon) to be massless.
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    The speed of light will be frequency dependent.
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    But what if you measured it (the speed of light) with light of the same kind as proposed in the thought experiment, i.e. you measured time lapses and lengths and you synchronized clocks with that very same light?
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