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Best books/workbooks for high school math refresher

  1. Jan 14, 2012 #1
    I need to re-teach myself high school level math. what are the best resources for doing this? My goal is to have the basics down so that i can learn pre-calc +. I haven't worked on real math in 15+ years, however it was always my strongest subject (A's, easy and effortless until pre-calc, which i then dropped b/c i couldn't be bothered).

    Additionally, how difficult is it to teach oneself pre-calc/calc? I'm assuming that I will need to take a college course from pre-calc on?

    The real reason for relearning math is that I have an interest in learning physics (and I feel so embarrassingly humbled saying this here), perhaps with the goal of teaching elementary or secondary ed math or science (undergrad and grad work were in psychology and philosophy).

    But let's start with the math :). Thanks.
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