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Best budget microcontroller kits?

  1. Oct 9, 2011 #1
    For those of you who have toyed with microcontroller kits as a hobby, how would you rate the kit(s) you've used in the following categories?

    1) Price - how much is the total cost of the development hardware and software?
    2) Usability of an IDE for development?
    3) Ease of starting - how long and how much troubleshooting to get the first 'test' program loaded onto the chip?
    4) Debugging - is there an ICD available or included?
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    Check sites like kijji. I noticed once a guy was selling +80$ arduino kit for like 20ish because he only used it for a demo he had to do..

    p.s. I haven't played much with micro-controllers so I can't answer your questions.
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