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Best program to make graphics for LaTeX?

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    Best program to make graphics for LaTeX??

    I need to make some decent looking graphics for a LaTeX document. I want to make near textbook style graphics if possible. I mean pictures of surfaces, tangent vectors, intervals, cantor sets, directed graphs, etc.

    I have heard of two programs, IPE and Xfig (Winfig for Windows). I have tried Xfig, and it is just another drawing program, it is really tough to use for a beginner. Is there any graphics program specifically for math authors?

    Thanks guys!
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    Re: Best program to make graphics for LaTeX??

    Here's a list of providers and other...


    Another huge list...

    http://www.maa.org/editorial/mathgames/mathgames_08_01_05.html [Broken]

    Some advice...


    Something called "Metapost Languages" in this review

    LaTeX Graphics Companion, The, 2nd Edition


    You too can google!
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