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Best Website to buy hardware online

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    http://www.superwarehouse.com/index.htm [Broken]
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    Have you bought anything from those places ?
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    Tigerdirect is great. I live right by the main offices in miami and they are starting to open up stores like compusa. They got great deals.
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    No, I am in malaysia, those websites are good for me to follow up with the latest market trend of computer hardwares.
    If one day i migrated to US (I plan to), definitely i will buy from one of the best websites.
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    I do a lot of shopping with Tigerdirect, I've had a lot of luck with them.

    I ususally check price trends at


    I like that they have a clean, uncluttered, down-to-business website. You can check out the various companies' customer ratings, compare prices and decide if you want to try them.

    I've also used Amazon and ebay for computer parts.
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    I love new egg, don't really need any other site. Pricewatch was my first love however.

    I've never purchased anything from these people, but they've got some insane deals:

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    not the greatest selection but their prices cannot be beaten.
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