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Beta scattering.PLEASE HELP

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    I am designing an experiment to investigate how the number of beta particles scattered backwards depends on the thickness of a foil and the proton number of the foil material.I have decided on the source Sr-90 for beta emissions.i know what to do to. I will have the beta particles fired at the foil and place a GM tube next to the source to get the number of particles scattered backwards. i will change the thickness of the foil, and would also change the type of foil (aluminum, tin and some other material). but my only problem is that when beta particles are going to scatter backwards they are going to collide with the ones being emitted so therefore will not be recorded properly as they will scatter in all directions how will i overcome this problem???.
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    Place your source very far away, and control when it lets things out with a shutter. Then you'll have time to move your detector in place after the source shoots out particles, but before the particles bounce back.:devil:
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    thanks another question arent beta particles fast? how much further should i place it and how much time will i take to open the shutter close it and bring the GM infront of the source?:confused:
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    Normally, I wouldn't respond, because, as you said, you are designing an experiment.

    There is a trick to this measurement, but it's not the problem you describe - beta particles colliding with each other. How many beta particles per second are you producing? How far does one travel in that time? How often do you expect collisions?
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