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News Bill Moyers Journal and Capitol Crimes

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    Bill Moyers Journal and "Capitol Crimes"

    Moyers has presented us with another example of excellent investigative journalism. The program digs deep into the Abramoff scandal, far deeper than I thought it was possible to go.

    Perhaps I had missed it in some earlier news media presentation, but I had no idea that Russian oil tycoons were involved with Tom Delay to the tune of $1,000,000 (ch5.)

    The progam is divided up into 6 video chapters for easier viewing. Click the top video option in the link to see the six chapters.

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    Another great piece by Moyers!

    It is rather sickening to see how much money was made and what was done by Delay in terms of manipulating the legal system. For example, the Labor Department was trying to get Congress to bring the Marianas Islands (US territory) under US Labor Law, but Delay prevented it. Delay sees sweat shops and labor camps as examples of free market capitalism. :yuck:
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