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Bio and DNA computers

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    I’m interested in current state and progress_point of research in field of using DNA and other Bio materials in developing informational systems (or applying it in some areas/ researches of IT).

    There’s lot’s of talking going on involving this subject, but no real information. Using google to search I found nothing but useless links and outdated sites. Is there some mainstream in this research , what is the main idea/mechanism of using DNA in developing, let’s say, CPU’s or memories (what are results of this res., current models, working prototypes) .
    Not only DNA, I remember few years ago I’ve read something about using some fluorescent bacteria in developing high capacity memory banks.

    Let’s talk about this... posting interesting and usable links wouldn’t be bad :).

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    Good point, I am information deprived too on this subject.. did you try looking through some pop-science journals? Or even Science or Nature? I guess those are the places to look..
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    I did a quick search in Web of Science for articles on the topic of "DNA Computer", and of the 3 pages that came up, only one seemed to be relevent and have an abstract:

    Progress in DNA computer
    Chen WC, Chen ZH, Qui HX, Wang ZQ
    28 (2): 156-159 APR 2001
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