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Biomedical engineering

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    I was wondering if anyone has advice on pursuing a career in biomedical engineering: what preparation (in university) does it involve? What career options are open to you after you graduate? I'm interested in its applications (working with MRIs for example) and have always been into creating things (go lego!); however, I've never been all too crazy about physics/calculus, things which I understand are vital to engineering. I have been trying to find more info on the subject but have come up with surprisingly little. Any assistance you could give would be deeply appreciated.
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    www.bls.gov[/URL] has some valuable info on any profession.

    Heres a link to the engineering section. Scroll down and find Biomedical.

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    Thanks, those links definitely help! I live in Canada, but I'm guessing that location doesn't make a big difference. Thanks again though...guess I have a tough decision to make.
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