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Biopolymers and peristence length

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    Hi there all..

    I would really need your help with the following problem.

    Supposing you have two or more polymers, with the same persistence length but varying contour lengths, that are firmly attached in a parallel way upon e.g. a wall.


    The bead on the left is stationary, and the polymers are part of the cell wall on the right and suppose that the wall starts moving towards the right direction.

    If the contour lengths are different it means that at a certain distance one of the two polymers will slip and then i will only have 1 polymer left.

    a) In this case (one polymer) the new persistence length will be higher than the old one (of the two polymers)?
    b) If the new persistence length is lower than the old one can this mean that the polymer portion which is attached on the sphere unfolds, hence gaining contour length but losing persistence length?

    I am waiting for your responses :)

    edit: I now see that the image i uploaded is not there...
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