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Black holes , gravity.

  1. Sep 14, 2012 #1
    Scientists say that in mathematical terms in singularity all the math breaks down and you get infinity. But how come this be if the black hole formed from a star that had huge but still limited amount of matter/fuel in it, and that limited amount just got highly compressed.
    And if there even is a infinite thing in our universe and the universe itself I think shouldn't be infinite.
    So my question is why the numbers show us otherwise?
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    Because our theories are wrong. Simple.
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    for black holes they tried to unite GR with QM or something but I guess that didn't worked out too well?
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    Yes, we have yet to develop a quantum theory for gravity. Our knowledge of physics at scales similar to a black hole is severely limited.
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    Just to clarify for the OP, its the immense density and small scale that causes Black Holes to expose the problems with our current theories, not the total mass and not the size.
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    This means at the scale of singularities, say around the order of Placnk scale, around 10-33 cm our models don't work so well...The 'infinity', described also as a divergence or a mathematical expression not well behaved, of models signals the likely breakdown of our approximations.
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    The numbers predict an infinite density or zero volume. Density is mass divided by volume.
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