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Blocking terrestrial interference possible or not?

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    Hello everyone. I am a mechanical engineer but I have a question which I hope someone can provide me some info. I was interested to know whether it is possible to block signals by creating a magnetic field or not.

    I'm asking this question because some people live in places which have a lot of noise on TV due to a nearby power station etc. Is there any way to block these terrestrial interferences by making some kind of magnetic field and get a clear satellite picture?

    I also want to be able to detect the approximate location of this noise. What do you reckon for this one?

    I appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction.
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    There is no magic magnetic bullet to solve this problem, I'm afraid. If there were, they'd be marketing them all over the place.
    It isn't clear what is actually causing this interference but the best way to approach the problem could be to increase your dish size and get a few more dB of wanted signal and a bit more directivity.
    Afaik, there aren't many sources of terrestrial interference that you could expect to be co-channel with your satellite transmissions so you may need to look for something more subtle - like malfunctioning down-converter or dodgy feeder (or even mis-allignment of the dish).
    What form does this interference take? If it really is coming from a local source and it is at an unacceptable level, then the FCC might be interested. (That's the US body, I think)
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