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Medical BlueBrain Project; Moonbear, anyone?

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    Anyone(moonbear) hear about this project...or what its about or links to websites.According to a guest lecturer they are attempting to only model the rat brain...and they'll be modelling it on the BlueGene Supercomputer...

    I want to find out more, anyone have anylinks?
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    Here is the http://bluebrainproject.epfl.ch/index.html"for the project, it's still under construction in some areas.
    It's basically a joint venture between IBM and The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne to model the brain via computer. Here's part of a http://domino.research.ibm.com/comm/pr.nsf/pages/news.20050606_CognitiveIntelligence.html":
    Sounds pretty cool, and right up your alley, neurocomp.
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    There was an old thread on it around here somewhere. It was back before this forum was formed, so it might still be lurking in the cellar of biology.

    I think the rat brain is the only place they can really start for a project like that, because that's the species we have the most data about.
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    thank you for the link DocToxyn....
    I"ll have to go search for that thread in teh forums too.

    I wonder if they'll take child development ages into considerations
    or just jump straight itno the adult rats brain.

    that'll be my ambitious goal for the next 4 years to try to get on that project some how
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    My guess is they'll start with the adult. That's complicated enough. As they build the database, it would be nice to see them add developmental changes as well as information about homology across species, but I don't really know what they have planned.

    I'm not sure how much was discussed before on the topic...so if you can't find it, don't spend a lot of time digging for it. I just recall the topic being mentioned before, not how far the discussion got. :redface:
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    Good for you Neurocomp. I contacted someone in charge of the project some time ago (Henry Markram). Initially the focus will be coding the Hodgkin-Huxley equation to model the neocortical columns of the cortex. Later, the models will be allowed to acquire history as do real neurons. Integro-differential equations, in my view, are ideally suited for this task. My suggestion to you if you wish to pursue this is to become very proficient in differential equations and programming. Perhaps one avenue to gain access through the door is to embrace such a mathematical model of the brain and then contact Mr. Markram regarding your interest in such. Good luck.:smile:

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