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Aerospace Boeing 747 landing gear

  1. Feb 11, 2009 #1
    Hey guys,
    I'm a student currently studying for a higher degree in mechanical engineering. I am undertaking a project focusing on the landing gear of a typical boeing 747 (400).
    I plan to do a finite element analysis on the landing structures.
    My query is would it be possible to find a downloadable 3d drawing of the structure anywhere, or if somebody would have one the would be willing to share with me.
    If i could even find the dimensions, i could draw it myself.
    Any help would be massively appreciated.
    Thanks in advance..
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    I believe Boeing uses the Catia software package to design all their parts (which an't free, nor cheap).

    In all honesty, it depends on the resolution of your analysis. You really don't want to have every single part inside the landing gear structure, or you will need a super computer and a months time just to solve one case in your test matrix.

    I would just try to do the very basic, fundamental elements of the landing gear that actually serve major structural functions. Anything else is not time efficient, in my opinion.

    I would suggest a patent search. That might give you actual dimensions.
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    That's a pretty tall order. What will you use for your FEA? Don't forget that most student versions of FEA programs are limited to a certain number of nodes.
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    I agree, Its just the basic structure of the landing struts i would be interested in analysing. I'm looking for overall dimensions and the structural shape of the struts. I'm planning to do a stress analysis on the frameworks, and suspension systems... Anyone able to guide me in the right direction??
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    Interesting. I just saw this post. I'm currently working on a large test rig that simulates the 747 landing gear for the purpose of testing the actuators for the body and wing gears. My company makes this particular cylinder for the 747. I see you posted a month ago so it may be too late but I could talk to some of the Boeing engineers and see if they would like to help you in your endeavour. Let me know.
  7. Mar 12, 2009 #6
    It is a bit late, i've actually changed my project since.
    Thanks for your time
  8. Mar 4, 2010 #7
    I'm a student currently studying aerospace engineering and I want to start a project about a landing gear, focusing on the mechanism analysis and simulate its kinematics in CATIA.
    If anybody would like to share with me some drawings of an frontal landing gear from a plane, military or civilian, doesn't matter, it would be perfect.
    Any help will be appreciated.
  9. Mar 4, 2010 #8
    Here's a nice photo of a landing gear.

  10. Mar 4, 2010 #9
    thanks! but I need a bit more than that.:smile:
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