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News Bombing Iran.

  1. Oct 17, 2004 #1
    Are they (Israel/USA {who else?}) gonna bomb Iran's nuclear facilities?
    I think they will 100% after elections.No doubt about it.
    What you guys think?
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    I read somewhere that because Iran could actually put up a fight against the imperial mafia, that it will be a much more covert regime change in Iran. It will be more like a propaganda thing where the CIA/whatever will undermine the government like the US did in Operation Ajax in 1953. The source was good enough for me but I can't remember what it was; I'll try to remember.
  4. Oct 17, 2004 #3
    I'd be really surprised to see them go after Iran. Here's why:

    1) North Korea is much more belligerent, and would be more destabilizing to its region (look at how many other countries don't want them to get nukes).

    2) We've always had a distinct lack of success doing anything in Iran.

    3) There's no troops left to use. For those of you thinking a draft is coming, i doubt it, even if bush is reelected, a draft would just about incite a near civil war as bad as things are already. A draft would even bring a good size of bush's supporters all the way across. And while public support might not matter to him in his next term, all those congressmen still want to get reelected, and not one that votes for a draft would get reelected.
  5. Oct 17, 2004 #4
    U.S. to sell 5,000 smart bombs to Israel


    Deal comes amid concerns about Iran's nuclear aspirations

    The Associated Press ET Sept. 21, 2004

    JERUSALEM - The United States will sell Israel nearly 5,000 smart bombs in one of the largest weapons deals between the allies in years, Israeli military officials said Tuesday.

    The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a June 1 press release that the sale “will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country that has been and continues to be an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.

    .... more”

    I don't believe all 5,000 smart bombs are to kill Arafat. But we know a sure that it is for national security of the United States! :rofl:
  6. Oct 17, 2004 #5
    Shouldnt they bomb it?
  7. Oct 17, 2004 #6
    On what international law would Israel have the right to bomb Iran?
  8. Oct 17, 2004 #7
    Iran agreed not to develop or acquire nuclear weapons in the NPT. If it does, it could be bombed or sanctioned.
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    As usual, I'm lost amid all the sarcasm :confused:
  10. Oct 17, 2004 #9
    Israel/USA is above international law.In 1980 Israel bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor.
  11. Oct 17, 2004 #10
    Israel could punish Iran for no apply NPT? :rofl:
    Is Israel a signator to the NPT? No.
    Iran signed but: Article X states that any state can withdraw from the treaty if they feel that "extraordinary events", for example a perceived threat, force them to do so. Israel telling it will attack Iran is sufficient.
  12. Oct 17, 2004 #11
    My friend ,if I would come to your neighborhood and threatend you on a daily basis would not you try to defend yourself?and aquire some form of defense.
  13. Oct 17, 2004 #12

    And the view of US is clear (see statement above):
    "The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency said ... (Israel is) an important force for political stability ... in the Middle East."

    Stability ... Stability ... yah. I would say: the cause of instability.
  14. Oct 17, 2004 #13
    Do you all see Iran becoming nuclear as a step forward? Or are you just willing to take a step back because youre angry at Bush?
  15. Oct 17, 2004 #14


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    I think their point, studentx, is that international law only matters when it allows countries other than the US or Israel to do things like develop WMD, support (be) terrorists, or attack/annex their neighbors.
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  16. Oct 17, 2004 #15


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    Apart from the terrible loss in archeology, and probably some ecological concerns, is there any good reason not to nuke out the entire middle east ?
  17. Oct 17, 2004 #16


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    Well, it might make it tougher to get at the oil. I'm not sure its all that easy to drill through glass...
  18. Oct 17, 2004 #17


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    Nuclear fallout can travel on high altitude winds, which limits the number of nukes you'd want to be detonating. Electro-magnetic pulses also play havoc with electronics (at a minimum, quite a few communications satellites would be in the direct line of sight).

    No one in the Eastern Hemisphere would be very happy and at least some of the fallout would travel to the Western Hemisphere (remember Chernobyl?).
  19. Oct 17, 2004 #18
    Iran has the right to become nuclear. I dont like that but Iran has that right. Israel had the same right. Israel used that right. The reason was to create a superior weapon, stronger than the surrounding countries had. I understand that argument.
    But that doesn't give Israel yet the right to forbid Iran to do the same.
    If Israel attacks again Iran (cfr bombing in 1980 Iran) with 100 of those 5,000 US smart bombs there will be much more reactions and fanatism then you can imagine in your worst nightmare.

    If that happens terrorism will be exported to USA. 9/11 was organized with a small structure. What happens when in US a couple of 100,000 Islamics feel personally attacked?

    Why not try to find solutions in a Buddhistic way? Buddha said: "reduce stress". You don't reduce stress by attacks. With attacks you add stress. We see that in Sharon's solutions. Does he wins? No. He can win a battle, but not the war. The only solution can be found by talks and negotiations.
    If you stay on attacking you get isolated because reasonable people want to have a simple and peaceful life, fun and love.
    And that isolation is what happens with US and Israel. They became 'agressors' in the eyes of most people in the world.
  20. Oct 17, 2004 #19
    No more than Islam is the cause of instabiility.
  21. Oct 17, 2004 #20
    :surprised NUKING THE MIDDLLE EAST!!!.........that wud put an end to mr. bush'zz vision of "glob-oil domination"

    and what abt the iraq ..........surely its a big prize for bush and his teammates.....who wud want to nuke that ......after goin thru all that fuss in the UN! :rofl:
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