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Books about engineering Cogweels and/or transmission

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    I have recently found an intresst in thinking about and want to try to develop a CNC system or something similar with computer to mechnical hardware communication.

    but i belive my knowledge about mechanical engineering feels limited and would appreciate some good general books about mechanical engineering and some good books about Cogweels and transmissions and how to calculate them prefably somting from the basic's and up.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to PF.

    The project you are contemplating is a very long term project, maybe never ending.
    Consider a shorter project that will provide a quick result while providing a useful tool.
    3D printers are available that may get you experimenting very quickly.

    To function well, machines that actually cut solids need to be very well designed by experienced engineers. Maybe modifying an available manual milling machine to CNC would be possible.

    Machines that cut cloth or sheet plastic are not so heavy and may be easier to build and put to work. Likewise a large format painting machine, (paint spitting?), is a possibility as it does little physical work.

    Perhaps the best way to follow your interest, and be paid to do it, would be to work for a manufacturer who uses “Wire EDM” equipment. WEDM uses 3D CNC to position a moving brass wire electrode that can cut very hard conductive materials by spark erosion.

    Since you are now following your interests, it is probably best to go to a library to identify books that suit you on mechanical engineering. Used book shops have ME books, often at very low prices. Once you have identified a book and want a printed copy, you can use bookfinder.com to locate a new or used copy at the right price.

    I do not know your budget so I have not suggested any particular new books.
    Ask follow up questions if you require more specific answers.
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    Found some

    Hello and sorry for the time it took for my responce

    CNC is quite a heavy subject but still realy interessting i have a education in CNC-operating so i have experiebce in the understanding how they work, but still not enough im naturally extreemly curious and have an urge to know hoe thing work from the ground upp and get a bit obsessive and often end upp wanting to build a basic type just to know.

    i have more ideas withing engineering so i found quite alot of book's on the internet probably going to start with
    An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Part 1 and 2 by Clifford, Brooks, Howe

    it seems very well put together but ill know for shure after i read it. havent skimmed through the rest but i think fluid dynamics might be a bit mutch untill i read upp on the basics.

    going to look at some courses in some 3D CAD software too and learn some vasics there as well.
    as for electronics i am currently wgating for ans answer form a 2y long course in electronics anf hope ill get in if not i also applied for Automation Engineer and will elarn electronics and MC programming in my spare time.

    but i will by some papper copies when the gods of economics smile upon me sine i like the feel of books more then staring at a flickering screen.

    sorry for the bad grammar and spelling english is not my native spoken or written language.
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