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Brushed vs Brushless DC motor

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    Dear Sirs/Mdms,

    I would like to find out how different is a brushed vs brushless dc motor in terms of size, weight and power .

    I can find articles on the net regarding some comparisons between the 2 types. For example, a brushed is less efficient than a brushless motor.

    But i cannot find info about :

    1. Assuming a brushed and a brushless motor both are of the same size and weight,
    which is more powerful in terms of torque produced?

    I suspect the brushed motor is less powerful as it is less efficient dues to contacts and frictional losses?

    2. Between these 2 types of motor of same dimensions, does a brushed motor have any advantage over the brushless motor?

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    Hello ramone-
    One specific advantage a brushless permanent magnet dc motor with a Hall Effect sensor has over a brushed motor is being able to run as a torque motor, at very low or zero RPM, because in a brushed motor there is the danger of damaging the commutator.
    Bob S
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